Fall Heritage Festival Overcomes Rainy Start

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The Homeplace on Green River’s fifth annual Fall Heritage Festival September 8 drew lots of fans in spite of a day that began with heavy rain.  As soon as the rain stopped, about 11:30 CDT, people began to arrive for the fun and to join the hearty few who came earlier in spite of the rain.  By the time the music stopped, the rides ended and the food vendors left, several hundred had taken advantage of the festivities.

As usual, the mule wagon, barrel train and petting zoo were among the most popular activities.  New this year was a pedal tractor pull for smaller children which was busy all day.  For the first time the petting zoo included a camel and two llamas.

Everyone adapted very well to the somewhat soggy terrain and while the pony and hay rides had to be cancelled the rest of the show went on.  Almost all of the artists and crafters who arrived early in the morning waited out several hours of heavy rain and stayed until the end of the day.  They offered a variety of creative and useful products ranging from paintings, ceramics and photos to doll clothes and hand crafted items in a variety of materials.   There was lots of food–everything from rib steaks to hot dogs.  And, lots of ice cream.

Homeplace is entirely dependent upon volunteers, and as usual the volunteers arrived to help set up,  drive the barrel train and mule wagon,  answer questions,  organize the activities and at the end of the day clean up what little was left.  A group of young people from Ecuador and Colombia visiting the United States for three weeks sponsored by the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association arrived by bus and was most helpful all afternoon including helping clean up.  They were among the last to leave at the end of the day.  One thing none of the volunteers had to do was to pick up litter, because festival goers  were careful to use the trash barrels and recycling containers.  At the end of the day the grounds looked like they had been swept clear, but they were never cluttered in the first place.

Mark September 7, 2013, on your calendar for the Sixth Annual Homeplace on Green River Fall Heritage Festival. The Homeplace volunteers plan to be there and hope you will be there too.  If you would like to join them and help at Homeplace or like to receive the Homeplace quarterly newsletter, contact one of the Homeplace board members listed on this Web page or email kolbensc@gmail.com.

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